REBEL believes it can be. A sandwich can be a passion, a representation of creativity, a journey of discovery… and can be a fuel that lights the fire of your inner rebel. We want to give you the best of what we can give, we strive to be the best that we can be, we strive to be REBEL.
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We are crazy proud Asian. Proud to showcase and deliver our sandwiches that have a distinct Asian flavor and personality. REBEL dreams to bring a space that gathers together people of all races to celebrate Asian food, creativity, beauty….and an Asian sense of rebellion.
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The difference between a REBEL and change….is the number of people. We believe that our REBELs are not just employees, but part of the brand – every REBEL has a chance to share in the success of the business. We want to spark the flames of entrepreneurship in the hearts of every REBEL on our team. So every REBEL has the opportunity to share in the ownership of the brand.
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We believe that our decisions and actions have an impact on our environment and our world. REBEL make conscious decisions to reduce the single-use plastics and are actively seeking out recyclable and recycled products, products that are bio-degradable with a low enviro-impact.
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We are really lucky to have some really cool partners to work with who believe in the REBEL spirit – but the more the merrier! We are always on the lookout for like-minded REBELs who are REBEL at heart and passionate about making a difference. Let’s sit down together over a good sandwich and talk about how we can change the world.
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 To feed you and put a smile on your face, and fire in your eyes is AWESOME! To be able to engage with a community of like-minded REBELs would be a dream come true. If you have an idea for our videos that will blow our socks off, a design for our store and an idea for our video or just anything that you feel is REBEL, and the world needs to know about it, let us know!


We would love to partner with you to make that REBEL idea come true. And in true REBEL spirit, we’ll make sure you’ll be justly rewarded and will be given bragging rights and creative recognition.
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