When cops kill black people

On Friday, Tulsa cop Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man. His hands were up. Cops came to the scene because his car broke down. Literally the only thing he did was be a black man.

Shelby is on paid leave right now. She should go to jail. Will she? Probably not.

Currently reading Between the World and Me, and it’s so so good. I’m tired of living in a society bent on destroying black bodies.

The only way things will change is if we put pressure on the people with power and privilege. MAKE A FUSS. Be the squeaky wheel. Don’t accept this.

Here’s contact info for the Tulsa police chief, Chuck Jordan:


Chief Chuck Jordan
600 Civic Center
Tulsa, OK 74103-3822

I’m done just being sad and hoping it won’t happen again.

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