Hero status: Bibi McGill

Bibi McGill, Beyonce guitarist, yoga instructor in Portland
Photos via Youtube

Um, did you know Beyonce’s (former) lead guitarist lives in Portland and teaches yoga?

ME NEITHER! (Until a few weeks ago, when I saw a postcard in my hippie therapist’s building.) Her name is Bibi McGill and she sounds AWESOME.

She’s a complete badass, rocking the Superbowl 2013 halftime show alongside Beyonce. Starting in 2006, she led Queen Bey’s all-female band, the Suga Mamas, and she’s a fierce musician who’s been playing the guitar since she was 12. (She also toured with Pink in 2001.) Some have called her today’s Jimi Hendrix, although she deserves to be a legend in her own right.

Bibi also happens to love kayaking, spending time in nature, making her own kale chips, and teaching yoga. As she says in one of her yoga videos:

Forget everything you think you know about yoga. Yoga isn’t about wrapping your body up into a pretzel, so if you’re not flexible, you can still do yoga…Yoga is really about the breath…so if you can breathe, you can do yoga!

(Thank gawd, because I’m about as flexible as a rock.)

via Youtube
via Youtube

Bibi seems to be the antithesis of rich white elitist yogis, instead trying to bring yoga to underprivileged populations:

An advocate of making yoga available to everyone, Bibi is actively involved with Street Yoga, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading healing and wellness to youth populations.

RAD. Plus, she’s not militant about her veganism:

When you eat vegan food, your mind is clean, your body is clean. Your vibration is higher. However there are times where I want to eat pizza. It might even have pepperoni on it. I have a weakness for pork ribs.

Um adorbs.

Originally from Denver, Bibi moved to Portland in 2007. If you live here too, you can take her vinyasa yoga classes at Root Whole Body in Northeast Portland. I’d go, but I’m afraid I’d be totally starstruck and turn into the heart-eyes emoji. <3

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