Aussies are crushing it

Do you ever just wanna move to a different continent? Say Australia?

I keep seeing brands and artists from there that just make my heart burst. Common themes: happy bright colors, a healthy sprinkling of zaniness and/or humor, and a lack of pretension. Something to do with the sun and vibrant wildlife?

Castle & Things

Gorgeous cut-out letters and shapes on art, bedding, and more. From their site: “CASTLE loves having a bit of fun. We love color and whimsy…We love spots and fluro and pink and yellow and orange and grey and love hearts and flowers and paint and felt and everything that POPS around in our studio. If it’s fun we love it.” Can I please be friends with them (and do the bla-bla)? OK COOL

castle & things
You be perfection on two sexy legs. via castle & things


Clothing and accessories in quirky prints with lotsa pink, yellow, and baby blue. I want to buy ALL THE THINGS.

Gorman Australia

Natalie Jarvis

One of my fave Apartment Therapy house tours ever. Of course she runs a hip neon sign business (Electric Confetti). Photographed for AT by Natalie Jeffcott (see below). Pardon me while I die of eye-happiness.

Photo: Natalie Jeffcott for Apartment Therapy

Minna Gilligan

First heard about her from Tavi, of course. Ms. Gilligan is the queen of bright collages, not to mention the perfect red hair/red lip pairing. Fun fact: I once inquired about buying some of her art, only to learn it was far, far out of my price range :: sheds single neon-pink tear :: (Thankfully, it’s also in the Rookie yearbooks, and she recently came out with a book.)


Emily Green

Necklaces that look like candy. Need I say more?

Emily Green jewelry
NOM. via Emily Green

Kirsten Perry

Swoon-worthy house tour on Apartment Therapy. She described her style as “Eclectic, arty, ’70s indoor plant, Mongolian yurt wannabe.” I MEAN!

Photos: Natalie Jeffcott for Apartment Therapy

Natalie Jeffcott

Freelance photographer for Frankie Magazine (LOVE!) who also shoots some Australian house tours for Apartment Therapy.

natalie jeffcott photography


It’s enough to make a girl book a plane ticket. Well, that and a couple grand.






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